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The 3rd Nami Concours is Back!
NAMI CONCOURS 2017 was launched at 1pm on April 6th at Author\'s Cafe, Bologna Children’s Book Fair in Italy.
NAMI CONCOURS 2017: A platform for international recognition for illustrators
Since its inception in 2013, NAMI CONCOURS has quickly built a reputation as a premier platform for international recognition for picture book illustrators. The winners have been noticed around the globe, which led to publications, grants and awards.
9 Iranians shortlisted for Nami Concours 2015
Internet news article from EN MEHR News Agency about the 2nd Nami Concours

Grand Prix
The End of the Line(O Fim de Fila)
Marcelo Pimentel
Golden Island
Grandma lives in Perfume Village
Sonja Danowski
Golden Island
The tale of a flying mouse (Lindbergh)
Torben Kuhlmann

Green Island
Zal and phoenix
Hassan Amekan
Green Island
Plastic Island
Myeongae Lee
Green Island
Le Jardin De Rose
Julie Bernard

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